SkillSelect Invitation Round Results 6 November 2015

SkillSelect 6 November 2015 Round Results

Australian Government – Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) had provided the invitation round details to apply for the Skilled – Independent and Skilled – Regional (Provisional) visa subclasses was conducted on 6 November 2015 through SkillSelect.

Australian Government – Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has introduced SkillSelect which helps them to manage their skilled migration programme. SkillSelect based on their economic needs of Australian Government. SkillSelect is design in a way that processing time of visa application is considerably lower down. It helps to manage who, when and how many can apply for skilled migration.

On 6 November 2015, Department had issued total 1150 under Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) and 20 under Skilled – Regional Provisional (subclass 489) Visa Subclass. From the below chart you can find the details of number of invitation has been issued during 2015-16. The below chart do not include invitations issued for State and Territory Government nominated visa subclasses.

Invitations issued during 2015-16

Invitation process and cut offs

The highest ranked candidates by points score are invited to apply for the relevant visa. For candidates who have equal points scores, the time at which they reached their points score for that subclass (referred to as the visa date of effect) determines their order of invitation. Expressions of Interest with earlier dates of effect are invited before later dates.

At 60 Points Score invitation is issued for Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) Visa Subclass till 11 September 2015 5.19 pm (Visa date of effect).

At 65 Points Score invitation is issued for Skilled – Regional Provisional (subclass 489) Visa Subclass till 7 October 2015 10.33 pm (Visa date of effect).

Due to the continuing high numbers of EOIs received for the below occupations, invitations for these occupations will be issued on a pro rata basis in each monthly invitation round over the 2015-16 programme year. These arrangements are subject to change throughout the programme year.  SkillSelect first allocates available places to Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) visas and then remaining to Skilled – Regional (subclass 489) (Provisional – Family Sponsored) visas. If all places are taken up by subclass 189 visas then there will be no invitations issued for subclass 489 visas in these occupations:

  • ICT Business and Systems Analysts
  • Accountants
  • Software and Applications Programmers.

The points score and the visa date of effect cut-off for the above occupations in the 6 November 2015 invitation round is as follows.

For Accountants (2211) point score is 70 and 31 August 2015 12.43 pm is the visa date of effect. For ICT Business and System Analysts (2611) point score is 65 and 20 August 2015 4.45 pm is the visa date of effect. For Software and Applications Programmers (2613) point score is 60 and 19 May 2015 11.39 pm is the visa date of effect.

Note: the following occupation group has reached its ceiling and no more invitations will be issue during the 2015-16 programme year: 2212 – Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasures.

As a Candidate if you are thinking of getting invitation from Department then you needs to have your occupation in the occupation list, positive skill assessment from the concern assessment authority and points requirement which is set by Australian Government – Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). If you want apply under 190 or 489 visa subclass then criteria set by concern state is needs to be fulfill. We tried to explain the details of the invitation round result in the best possible way.

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