Australia Immigration SkillSelect Invitation Round Results 9 October 2015

Australia Immigration SkillSelect Invitation Round Results 9 October 2015


Australian Government – Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) had provided the invitation round details to apply for the Skilled – Independent and Skilled – Regional (Provisional) visa subclasses was conducted on 9 October 2015 through SkillSelect.


Australian Government – Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has introduced SkillSelect which helps them to manage their skilled immigration programme. SkillSelect based on their economic needs of Australian Government. SkillSelect is design in a way that processing time of visa application is considerably lower down. It helps to manage who, when and how many can apply for skilled immigration.


On 9 October 2015, Department had issued total 1000 under Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) and 20 under Skilled – Regional Provisional (subclass 489) Visa Subclass. From the below chart you can find the details of number of invitation has been issued during 2015-16. The below chart do not include invitations issued for State and Territory Government nominated visa subclasses.


Visa subclass Skilled – Regional Provisional
(subclass 489)
Skilled – Independent
(subclass 189)
July 80 2300
August 80 2300
September 80 2300
October 20 1000



Invitation process and cut offs


The highest ranked candidates by points score are invited to apply for the relevant visa. For candidates who have equal points scores, the time at which they reached their points score for that subclass (referred to as the visa date of effect) determines their order of invitation. Expressions of Interest with earlier dates of effect are invited before later dates.


At 60 Points Score invitation is issued for Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) Visa Subclass till 27 July 2015 5.27 pm (Visa date of effect).

At 65 Points Score invitation is issued for Skilled – Regional Provisional (subclass 489) Visa Subclass till 11 September 2015 4.13 pm (Visa date of effect).


Due to high levels of demand, and in keeping with previous years, the below occupation groups will be subject to pro rata arrangements to ensure availability of invitations across the programme year. SkillSelect first allocates available places to Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) visas and then remaining to Skilled – Regional (subclass 489) (Provisional – Family Sponsored) visas. If all places are taken up by subclass 189 visas then there will be no invitations issued for subclass 489 visas in these occupations.

# Accountants

# ICT Business and System Analysts

# Software and Applications Programmers


Points scores and the visa dates of effect cut off for the below occupations in the 9 October 2015 invitation round as mentioned below;


For Accountants (2211) point score is 70 and 16 August 2015 1.02 am is the visa date of effect. For ICT Business and System Analysts (2611) point score is 65 and 18 July 2015 8.58 pm is the visa date of effect. For Software and Applications Programmers (2613) point score is 65 and 26 September 2015 3.06 pm is the visa date of effect.


Note: the following occupation group has reached its ceiling and no more invitations will be issue during the 2015-16 programme year: 2212 – Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasures


Australia Immigration Consultants helps you to give you the exact idea about the current trends which are prevailing under Australia Department or State Authority or Skill Assessment Authority. Australia Immigration Consultants will give you details on how much points you are awarded under the different heads which is set by the Australia Department. Points Heads are Age, Overseas Educational Qualification, Australian Educational Qualification, Overseas Work Experience, Australian Work Experience, English Ability, Nomination / Sponsorship and Other Factors.


Australia PR Visa Consultants will guide on your profile and choose best fit nominated occupation for which you need to satisfy the criteria set by the concern Skill Assessment Authority to get the positive skill assessment outcome. After getting positive skill assessment we have to get the required score in English Ability. If we required applying for State Authority for the Nomination then you might needs to satisfy the criteria which are set by the state authority. Your occupation and your points will decided for which visa you can apply i.e. Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) or Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) or Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489).


As a Candidate if you are thinking of getting invitation from Department then you needs to have your occupation in the occupation list, positive skill assessment from the concern assessment authority and points requirement which is set by Australian Government – Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). If you want apply under 190 or 489 visa subclass then criteria set by concern state is needs to be fulfill.


If you are having dream to settle in Australia, we as an Australia Immigration Consultant will help you to achiever your dream to become Australian Permanent Residence. As an Australia Immigration Consultant, We will provide you consultation which is most suitable to you to get your Australia PR. We will provide your details of your best suited nominated occupation as per ANZSCO Code. We will guide you in each and every stages of your file process. As an immigration agent, we process your file and also prepare you for the next stages so that you have edge over other candidate who is also process their file for Australia Immigration.


We as an Australia Immigration Consultant will help you to choose the best fit occupation and provide you the point’s calculation which will identify the visa subclass you are eligible for and how much you need to score in English Ability. It is not very easy as it looks like. You needs to aware about the current and past trends to act quickly. Australia Immigration Consultants will help you to solve your each and every query to get you satisfied with the service.


When you are planning to settle abroad with Permanent Residence Visa (PR Visa) for Australia then there are plenty of questions (Am I eligible for Australia? / How much English Ability required for migrate to Australia? / Is my spouse needs to give English Ability Test, if yes than what score? /who is the best immigration consultants for Australia for Permanent Residence Visa to guide and process my application?). Your search of getting the best visa assistance for Australia Immigration ends here.


We Dream Achiever strongly believe that Not Every Australia Immigration Consultant will give you the accurate information as we do.  We believe in providing good customer service in each and every stage and also guide them to collects the documents which are essential for immigration process. There are many agents, immigration visa consultants, PR Visa Consultant, Immigration Visa Consultant providing their services for Australia but we assure you that we are providing you the accurate guidance with the minimal service charge.


We are the Australia Immigration Consultant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. You are now one step closer to your Dream of Australia PR, So We request you send your detailed resume on to get the Free Assessment for Australia Skilled Migration; yes it is totally free of cost to know that you are eligible to migrate to Australia under SkillSelect Programme for General Skill Immigration Visa. The report will help you to know how much processing time get involved, how much fees are involved such as government application fees and our consulting fees. We will be very happy to provide you the basic assessment report of Australia PR.


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